Well, it’s been a while but the wait is over. Following last year’s European dates, Stiv and the Silent Strangers needed time to chill out, recoup and regroup. It had been rough and rocky travelling, including two critically acclaimed albums, and numerous dates, including four tours trips to the UK and some of their biggest shows yet, at London’s fabled Dirty Water Club and as special guests to Alive! Records hotshots LEFT LANE CRUISER. Our boys ended up hitting the hard shoulder on the border between the Netherlands and France, and eventually drifted back the their Italian ranches to power down.

Now the news is out! Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers are preparing a new record! It might take a while, but it’s definitely on its way. We’ll let you know more when we have it.

More currently, while the Strangers went off and did their various things, Stiv secreted himself in his Florentine garret armed with his trusty 1934 acoustic, a Roland TR-626 drum machine and a handful of pedals and laid down some of the filthiest, minimalistest blues this side of the Tees-Exe line. The results of this will be available soon on a five-track EP under the nom de blues JMAES DEAN HANGOVER – hell, it’s already picking up airplay courtesy of the excellent blues reconstructionist Balling The Jack show on the UK’s Resonance FM.

In the meantime, Stiv will be dipping a tentative toe in the chilly waters of live performance on Friday 22 April, when he joins old friends THE DUBLO and  MOLLYS DAGGERS onstage at Grow, Hackney Wick, London for a night of Beat, Bop & Blues. See you there?



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